A Quick Guide To Photo Eye Troubleshooting

If your garage door is equipped with an automatic opener, then you may eventually run into a situation where your garage door fails to close properly. If and when this happens, knowing how to get to the root of the problem could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on parts and service fees: Check Other Garage Door Problems First Before diagnosing the photo eye, make sure the physical garage door isn't malfunctioning. Read More 

Most Common Garage Door Repairs

If your garage door isn't working quite right, it can be worrisome thinking that you might have to replace the entire door.  However, many garage door problems can be fixed with a simple repair. Before you panic and decide that a new garage door opener is going to destroy your family budget, it's a good idea to call a good garage door contractor. You may very well be pleasantly surprised. Read More 

3 Common Garage Door Problems And How To Fix Them

Running into problems with your automatic garage door opener can be frustrating. On the bright side, pretty much all automatic garage doors have an option that allows them to be opened and closed manually. Still, if you're running into issues with your garage door, there are a few troubleshooting steps you may want to take before you call out an expert. Fixing the following problems yourself can save you a great deal of money. Read More 

3 Reasons To Buy Impact Windows

Impact windows are one of the best window types that you can purchase if you want to make your home safe and secure. Just a few of the reasons that you should consider buying impact windows are better protection from break ins, lower risk of flying glass during a storm, and lower insurance premiums. Protection From Break Ins Windows are the weakest point in your home, which is why most burglars tend to try to get into homes through them. Read More 

How To Tell If Your Garage Door Springs Are Broken, And What To Do About It

No one would deny that your garage door needs to be properly supported. If your garage door is not supported, then there is a chance that it might come crashing down on your car or a person in your family and cause severe damage. In order to keep this from happening, you need to make sure that your garage door springs have not worn down over time. There are two main tests that you can use for torsion garage door springs. Read More