Tips To Follow When Painting Your Garage Door

Your garage door is likely one of the most durable parts of your home, and while this is excellent for keeping repair costs low, it can cause your garage door to appear out of sync with the rest of the home if you renovate. When this happens, you may want to paint your garage door to help make it match the rest of the home, but this action can cause numerous problems to emerge if it is not done correctly. Luckily, you can follow these two tips to help ensure that painting your garage door goes as smoothly as possible. 

Use Painter's Tape On Any Joint

Most people are aware of the benefits of using painter's tape on the interior of their homes, but they may not realize that it can be essential for protecting the sensitive hinges and joints of the garage door while you are painting. Without this tape, it would be possible for paint to get on these parts of the door, and once it dries, the door would be unlikely to be able to work normally. 

To get the most from this type of tape, you should apply at least two overlapping strips of it along any joint or hinge on the door. After you have painted the door, you can remove this tape, and you will need to use a detailing brush to carefully paint the visible areas where the tape was. 

Apply A Sealant Over The Coat Of Paint

There are many different types of paint that claim to be weather resistant, and while these paints can likely withstand the elements better than traditional paint, they can still be weakened by prolonged exposure to moisture and intense sunlight. As time passes, these factors can cause your garage door's paint to start peeling and fading, but you can avoid this problem by applying a thin coating of sealant over the door when you have finished painting it. 

These sealants are designed to prevent moisture from penetrating through to the paint, and they can significantly extend the life of the paint. However, your sealer's protection will gradually weaken as a result of the intense battering that it takes, and this means that you will need to apply a new coat at least once every couple of years to keep your door looking as good as the day you painted it. 

While painting a garage door is a relatively routine task, it is important for you to follow a couple of important tips to help ensure that you do not encounter major problems after you do this work. By using painter's tape to protect the moving parts of the door and applying a sealant when you're done painting, you can help avoid some common problems that homeowners encounter during this type of home improvement project. 

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