Answers To Questions About Problems With Your Garage Door’s Torsion Spring

Your automatic garage door requires any number of components to successfully open and close without causing damage. To this end, the torsion spring is one of the most critical components for this task, but the extreme pressures these springs experience can cause them to develop problems. For new homeowners, these problems can be somewhat mysterious because they may not understand this part of their garage door. After learning the following answers to common questions, you should find yourself far better able to understand this large and complex component of your home. 

How Can You Tell If Your Garage Door's Torsion Spring Is Malfunctioning?

When a torsion spring starts to fail, the warning signs can be extremely subtle. As a result of this, it is imperative for you to regularly inspect the garage door to ensure that problems have not started to develop. If you are able to have the spring repaired when problems first show, you may be able to avoid needing to replace the entire unit because a rebalancing may restore normal function. 

During your inspection, you will need to open the garage door and carefully watch it when it reaches the open position. If your torsion spring is starting to fail, the garage door will start to move back down after the unit has stopped, and this occurs because the spring is unable to support the weight of the door. Also, you should open the door halfway and look for the same sign. 

Why Is It Hazardous To Work On The Torsion Spring?

Some people may be shocked to learn that it is considered extremely dangerous to attempt a repair on this part of the garage door. However, the tremendous stress that the spring is under makes it possible for it to snap if the work is not done correctly. If this happens, metal fragments can go flying like shrapnel, and this can result in serious injury or death to anyone nearby. 

Fortunately, garage door repair professionals, like those at AAA Garage Door, Inc., have the experience and tools needed to safely work on these springs. By using the appropriate equipment, it is possible to eliminate much of the tension on the spring before starting the work, and this can drastically lower the chances of sustaining an injury.

When your garage door's torsion spring starts to malfunction, you will need to have it repaired as soon as possible to avoid causing extensive damage to your unit. By understanding the early signs of this problem, and the importance of having a professional do these repairs, you can be a better-informed homeowner which may make it easier for you to address issues with your garage door when they arise.