Residential Garage Door Installation — Signs To Hire A Contractor For This Process

When you buy a new garage door, you can either set it up yourself or let a professional contractor do it. The latter option might be best in these cases. The Existing Door Has Ample Damage If the reason why you're installing a new garage door on your property is that the existing door is severely damaged, then you should probably hire a contractor for new garage door installation. After all, the existing door might be pretty difficult to move and detach from your property. Read More 

When To Contact A Garage Door Repair Service To Assess Your Garage Door

An automated garage door system isn't a complex system, but it does require maintenance and repairs periodically. As your garage door gets older and needs frequent repairs, a new garage door installation is usually recommended. If you have problems with a slow garage door or notice that it won't stay in the open position all the way, a garage door repair service should be called to assess the problem. Other issues, such as an opener that won't engage, bent tracks, or a garage door that won't close will need to be further inspected by a professional to see how to repair the problem. Read More 

What You Should Know About Garage Door Installation

If you are in the market for a new garage door, there's more to it than finding a style you like. While you will want to select a garage door that complements your home, you will also want to make sure you pay attention to the installation. Garage door installation can be tricky, especially if you are trying to handle it on your own. Here's what to know about installing a new garage door. Read More 

Indicators of the Potential Need for Garage Door Track Repairs

For some homeowners, garage door maintenance merely entails keeping the door panels in good condition by cleaning them on occasion, but this is not the only form of upkeep you need to engage in. A crucial aspect of keeping your garage door functional is ensuring the components it depends on during operation are in optimum condition. And while some homeowners will keep an eye out for the springs and cables, it is worth noting the track is just as vital for the garage door's operation. Read More 

3 Garage Door Problems That Need Immediate Repair Services

A garage door opens and closes many times each year. The opening mechanism involves lifting a lot of weight regularly. Therefore, it's not surprising that many homeowners have encountered garage door issues at one point or another due to wear and tear. That said, it's advisable to call in a garage door repair expert when you notice any of the following issues. 1. Opener Won't Work  If a garage door won't move after pressing the opener switch, its photo eye sensor is most likely to blame. Read More