When To Contact A Garage Door Repair Service To Assess Your Garage Door

An automated garage door system isn't a complex system, but it does require maintenance and repairs periodically. As your garage door gets older and needs frequent repairs, a new garage door installation is usually recommended. If you have problems with a slow garage door or notice that it won't stay in the open position all the way, a garage door repair service should be called to assess the problem. Other issues, such as an opener that won't engage, bent tracks, or a garage door that won't close will need to be further inspected by a professional to see how to repair the problem.

The Garage Door Opener Won't Engage

A garage door opener will last a long time, but eventually it will need to be replaced. Your first step is to make sure there is power going to the opener itself, as this is a common reason the opener won't engage. Check the plug to make sure it didn't accidentally get unplugged and make sure the circuit breaker is working. Try the wall unit to see if that turns on the opener. If nothing works, it is probably time for a new garage door opener to be installed.

The Door Moves Slowly

Your garage door is heavy, and the tension springs help to hold the heavy weight of the door when it opens and closes. If the door moves slowly while opening, you may have a problem with the opener or have loose tension springs. Both issues could be contributing to the problem. Don't touch the tension springs on your own, and have a professional come to handle the issue for you.

If Your Door Won't Stay Open

Loose tension springs are usually the cause of a garage door that won't stay open all the way. If your garage door closes more than six inches when it is in the open position, you will want to have your garage door tension springs adjusted. It is not safe to do this on your own, as tension springs are tightly wound metal coils that can snap if you adjust them wrong. 

Pay attention to small problems with your garage door, and contact a garage door repair service when the system is not working properly. If you ignore a door that won't stay open, the tension spring can end up snapping and causing the door to slam to the ground. Get your door inspected and repaired so that larger problems don't develop. 

For more info about garage door repair, contact a local company.