Indicators of the Potential Need for Garage Door Track Repairs

For some homeowners, garage door maintenance merely entails keeping the door panels in good condition by cleaning them on occasion, but this is not the only form of upkeep you need to engage in. A crucial aspect of keeping your garage door functional is ensuring the components it depends on during operation are in optimum condition. And while some homeowners will keep an eye out for the springs and cables, it is worth noting the track is just as vital for the garage door's operation. Installed above the garage door as well as on either side, the track has the primary function of guiding the movement of the garage door as it raises and lowers. The moment the track is compromised, the garage door will start to experience issues operating and, in the worst-case scenario, could become a safety hazard. So what are the indicators of the potential need for garage door track repairs?

Sudden Suspicious Sounds

Admittedly, garage doors do not operate inaudibly. Nonetheless, you should be acquainted with the regular noises your garage door makes when it is in operation. The moment you notice a change in these sounds, it could mean there is an underlying issue that needs professional attention. Certainly, some noises (for example grinding) can crop up due to friction, and this can be easily fixed by lubricating the moving components. However, you should bear in mind that these noises can be caused by a jeopardized garage door track. For instance, when the bracket mounts of the tracks are crooked, the garage door rollers will start to rub against the rails. As a result, you will hear scraping sounds when the garage door raises or lowers. It is best to seek garage door track repair services immediately before the issue worsens.

Weird Wobbling and Shaking

Despite the enormous weight of garage doors, the cables, springs, and tracks ensure that this structure opens and shuts in one fluid motion. Bearing that in mind, any changes in this operation — such as wobbly or shaky movements from the garage door — should alert you to an unidentified issue. Typically, this problem will arise when the tracks have accumulated dirt and debris, as the particles will interfere with the movement of the rollers. Fortunately, this can easily be remedied by hiring garage door repair services to clean and lubricate the tracks. Conversely, the garage door may wobble when the tracks are misaligned due to dents or other forms of physical damage. In this case, you must enlist garage door repair services so the tracks can be straightened.

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