3 Garage Door Problems That Need Immediate Repair Services

A garage door opens and closes many times each year. The opening mechanism involves lifting a lot of weight regularly. Therefore, it's not surprising that many homeowners have encountered garage door issues at one point or another due to wear and tear. That said, it's advisable to call in a garage door repair expert when you notice any of the following issues.

1. Opener Won't Work 

If a garage door won't move after pressing the opener switch, its photo eye sensor is most likely to blame. That is why it's prudent to check it regularly and ensure there is no obstruction. You see, these sensors communicate using invisible beams. This explains why the door won't move if something blocks the beam's path.

Numerous other things can make the opener not work. Some of them include burned fuses or a defective circuit breaker. Whatever the problem, a garage door repair expert can help fix it within no time.

Don't forget that a faulty remote can also cause opening and closing problems. After all, there's no way the remote will work when the batteries run out of charge. Being out of range can prevent the opener from working since the signal won't reach the door. If battery replacement or drawing near the door doesn't help, the best solution is to have a garage door expert assess the situation.

2. Door Won't Move Yet the Motor Is Running

Cases of garage doors not moving yet the motor is running are not unheard of. When faced with this problem, you first need to check for loose or snapped cables. Remember that these cables provide the energy required to move the door up or down. That said, you now see why a garage door can fail to move even when the motor is in operation.

The motor itself can also be the problem. For example, it may have broken gears, preventing it from working as it should. Fortunately, a garage door repair professional can help you replace the gear(s) or any other damaged component.

3. Weird Noises

There's something seriously wrong when a garage door starts making weird sounds. For instance, screeching indicates that the rollers are damaged or need lubrication. A problem with the torsion springs can also cause a popping sound. Likewise, rattling tells you that hardware such as bolts, screws, and nuts need tightening.

Dealing with a faulty garage door is undoubtedly a frustrating experience. The problem might be worse when you are in a hurry to go to work or school. For that reason, ensure you contact a seasoned garage door repair company when you notice the above signs.