3 Tips For Preparing Your Garage Door Before A Hurricane

If you are expecting to experience hurricane conditions during hurricane season this year, it's never too soon to start preparing yourself and your home. One part of your home that you should focus on is your garage door, so consider following these tips before hurricane season or before a big storm is expected to hit your home. Then, you can check your garage door off of your list of worries during hurricane season.

1. Have Your Garage Door Inspected and Maintained

First of all, you will want to have your garage door inspected and maintained before hurricane season, particularly if you have not had it done in a while. Your garage door repair professional can check for things like loose parts, which can put your garage door at more of a risk of damage during heavy winds and other hurricane force conditions. Plus, even after the storm passes, you can feel good in knowing that your garage door is in good condition.

2. Invest in a Brace for Your Garage Door

Another step to consider taking is to purchase a brace for your garage door. When serious winds strike during a hurricane, you have to worry about them bending and otherwise damaging your garage door. Not only can this cause expensive damage to your garage door, but it can also put the items inside your garage at risk of serious damage. A brace can be installed by yourself or with the help of a garage door repair professional, and it's designed to strengthen the door and hold it closed during bad weather conditions, such as during a hurricane.

3. Learn How to Operate Your Garage Door Manually

As you might already know, there is the chance that the power could go out in your home during and after the storm. Once the storm passes, you may want to be able to get your car out of the garage, or you may otherwise want to be able to use your garage door. This can be tricky without electricity, but it does not have to be. Once you learn how to open your garage door manually -- which should be able to be done with the emergency release cord -- you will be able to do so in the meantime, until the power is back on.

If you're getting ready for hurricane season, one thing that you might be worried about is preventing your garage door from being damaged. Luckily, following these three tips should help lessen your concern and keep your garage door in good shape.

For more information and tips, talk with a garage door installation expert.