Three Signs That You Need To Call A Garage Door Repair Service

A handful of simple maintenance tasks that you can perform on your own can keep your garage door operating smoothly for years. There are times, however, that there will be an issue with the door that requires the attention of a professional. Undertaking major repair projects related to your garage door generally isn't advisable; not being acutely familiar with work of this nature can lead to serious injuries. A representative from a garage door repair service, meanwhile, has the tools and training to work on your door safely. Not sure when you need this professional intervention? Here are three signs that it's time to call someone.

Sensors Aren't Working

The sensors placed near the bottom of the garage door tracks are designed to prevent an automatic door from closing when something or someone is in the way. If you've noticed that you can wave your foot or any object between the sensors without reserving the direction of the door, it's a sign something's wrong with the sensors and they require attention from a professional. Don't shrug off this issue because the door itself still operates correctly. The sensors are a vital component to the door's overall safety and ensuring that they're in proper working order is necessary to avoid injury.

Door Moves Unevenly

As your garage door descends toward the ground, its bottom edge should remain parallel with the floor of your garage at all times. If you've noticed that either edge is clearly lower than the other, thus putting your garage door at an angled trajectory, stop using the door and call a repair service. This problem is symptomatic of a door with a broken spring or a loosened or broken cable. Not only will a door in this state not close correctly, but it's at risk of shifting and falling toward the ground due to mechanical failure. A trained professional can diagnose the reason for the problem and repair it safely.

Grinding Sounds

It's common for a garage door that needs lubrication to emit some degree of a squeaking sound during operation, but if the door is making an unnatural grinding sound, repairs are needed. Grinding can be indicative of a problem with the motor of a garage door opener and other issues such as problems with the cable and pulley system. This sound is a clear sign that something is wrong, so don't try to diagnose the problem by repeatedly opening and closing the door because doing so may make the issue worse.

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