Three Tips For Excellent Garage Door Maintenance

Having a commercial garage door is a plus for your business because it adds a measure of convenience and protection. However, these doors are only as useful as the amount of work that you put into maintaining them. Because of this, you should administer some garage door maintenance tips that will allow you to operate your door safely, properly and for many years to come. Considering this, read these points and use them to assist you. 

Tip #1: Always Make Sure That Your Garage Door Is Properly Balanced

One of the most important criteria you will need to check with your garage door is its balance mechanism. When the door is out of balance, it will begin wearing unevenly and will eventually break down on you. Make sure that you run a test on the balance, along with the springs and the spring adjustment system in order to always keep your door evenly opening and closing. When in doubt, have a licensed and insured garage door professional provide you with an adjustment.

Tip #2: Learn Some Tips That Will Keep Your Garage Door And Your Employees Safe

If you want your workplace to remain safe and viable, you need to exercise some safety tips in reference to your garage door. Always keep the area underneath the garage door free and never walk underneath it when it's in motion. Give the door a yearly inspection by a technician to be sure that the door is not a safety liability. If you notice any kind of issues with your cables or springs, leave that work in the hands of a professional, since the tension can create the possibility of injury or death. Further, be mindful of the wires and electrical components of the garage door, as tampering with these can leave workers subject to electrical shock.

Tip #3: Take Care Of The Garage Door Walls

To get the most out of your commercial garage door, you need to maintain the foundation and walls that house the door. Get an inspection twice per year to be sure that these foundations and walls are not accumulating cracks or picking up moisture. This sort of water damage can trickle down to your garage door and create structural problems that prevent it from operating at its best.

If you keep these tips in mind, you will get excellent performance and safety from the garage door. Touch base with a commercial garage door professional who can assist you further.

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