Don’t Even Think About It! 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional To Replace Your Garage Door Springs

When it comes to home repairs, many homeowners go the DIY route so they can save money. However, there are some home repairs, like replacing a garage door spring, that should only be performed by professionals due to the dangers involved. If you try to tackle this project on your own, you may be seriously injured. What's more, the degree of difficulty and hassle of doing the project yourself isn't really worth the amount of money you will save. Following are four very good reasons why you should hire a professional to replace your garage door spring. 

Risk of Bodily Harm

Garage door springs are under extreme tension. It's estimated that the tension of a spring on a single garage door is equal to 125 pounds. The tension on a spring for a double door can be almost twice that amount. All of this tension can turn your garage door spring into a dangerous projectile if something goes wrong during the repair. Not only can a rebounding spring severely injure you, it can also cause damage to your garage door, your car or anything else you have in the garage.

Hassle of Purchasing Parts

Because it's so dangerous to replace garage door springs, many reputable manufacturers have stopped selling the parts necessary for repair to homeowners. They will only sell the parts to licensed professionals. This can make obtaining the parts very time consuming and frustrating. If you don't want to chase down parts, you should hire someone who has quick and easy access to them.

Degree of Difficulty

Garage door springs are responsible for keeping your door balanced and lightweight, which makes it easy for you or your door opener to move it. Once one of the springs are removed, the door becomes unbalanced, heavy and difficult to maneuver. Since a door can weigh a couple of hundred pounds, it's very difficult to do this job alone without the proper equipment.

No Guarantee of Results

If you don't get everything just right with this repair, your garage door may not function properly. It may jerk along the track or stop working altogether. For this reason, it's a good idea to work with someone who will guarantee that the job will be done right.

There are numerous reasons why you should let a professional repair the tension spring on your garage door. Not only is the job difficult and frustrating, it is also dangerous. Always weigh the consequences of doing such a repair against the benefits before deciding to put your life, limb and property in danger. If you need repairs, consider contacting a local specialist, such as Shank Door, to discuss your concerns.