3 Reasons To Buy Impact Windows

Impact windows are one of the best window types that you can purchase if you want to make your home safe and secure. Just a few of the reasons that you should consider buying impact windows are better protection from break ins, lower risk of flying glass during a storm, and lower insurance premiums.

Protection From Break Ins

Windows are the weakest point in your home, which is why most burglars tend to try to get into homes through them. In most cases, the windows that were installed on your home when it was built are going to be no challenge for a burglar to get through. However, impact windows can make the task of getting into your home more time-consuming and noisy, which makes it more likely that a burglar will be noticed before he or she gets into you home.

The reason that these windows are so hard for intruders to deal with is because the window actually consists of two panes of glass and a sticky film. The sticky film is installed between the two panes of glass and is responsible for holding broken shards of glass in place if the window breaks. This results in a situation where a burglar will need to break both panes of glass, remove the shards, and tear through the film. 

Lower Risk Of Flying Glass

Impact windows are a necessity if you live in an area where you deal with storms that have high winds. These high winds can pick up all manner of debris and fling them at your house.

If you have regular windows, the debris will likely break the glass and send shards of broken glass into the home. This can cause injuries from people stepping on the glass on your floor, or from being cut by the shards flying through the room.

However, the same film that makes these windows so hard for burglars to get into your home will also protect your family from injuries. When a piece of debris strikes an impact window, the window will still crack or shatter, but the pieces of glass will stay attached to the film.

Lower Home Insurance Premiums

Finally, having impact windows installed can lower the amount of money that you have to pay every month for home insurance. The reason for this is that insurance companies determine the amount that you have to pay for coverage based on how likely it is that they will have to pay for certain claims. However, since impact windows reduce the chances of injuries during a storm and break ins, insurance companies are often willing to lower your premiums.

Speak to a contractor or window dealer, like Door Depot Of SW Florida Inc, in order to discuss the many reasons to invest in impact windows. Impact windows are a versatile window option that can help prevent injuries during a major storm and make your home harder to break into, which in turn can convince an insurance company to lower your home insurance costs.