3 DIY Ways To Spruce Up Your Garage Door

When you want to spruce up your home, but don't quite have the budget to pay for professionals, don't worry. It's quite easy to add curb appeal, comfort, and beauty to your home's interior and exterior on your own. All you need is a little elbow grease, some good ideas, and spunk. After all, the biggest hurdle in finishing a DIY home project is believing you can do it. One easy way to improve your home is to spruce up your garage door. 

You may have an older garage door that needs some TLC. Or your fully-functioning new door may just lack character. Whatever the case may be, choose one or more of the tips below to give your garage door some personality.

Add Faux Windows

If you have a garage door with indented panels, you can add visual interest and a high-end look for the cost of a small can of black paint. This is a good trick to implement if your garage door is perfectly fine, but boring. First, wipe your garage door clean of any debris or dirt. Then use painter's tape to create faux window panes on the top row of indented rectangles. Simply paint inside the taped sections with black paint and let dry. Once the tape is removed, your garage door will have the look of expensive windows without the cost. 

Install Insulation

Add a layer of insulation to the back of your garage door to reduce street noise and improve your home's energy efficiency. You can buy an installation kit at your local hardware store. There are varying kinds of kits to choose from, including batting (which is used to insulate homes), foam board, or reflective insulation. Use batting insulation for steel doors, foam board insulation for wood panel doors, and reflective insulation for flat garage doors. 

Apply Gel Stain

Give your old aluminum door a makeover with gel stain. Gel stain applies easily and gives your door a faux wood finish that wows. Power wash your garage door for better, smoother application. Don't forget to lay down a tarp to catch drips and protect your driveway! Then use an old, soft T-shirt to apply the stain in circular motions. The process should take about four hours, but you'll enjoy your door for years to come. 

You don't have to put up with an ugly or unimpressive garage door. These simple makeover tips can save you money and beautify your home at the same time.